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A Monday Perspective

Happy Monday, friends!

Yes, that's my Monday perspective. I know some of you haven't gotten this Monday joy yet, but I'm hoping I can help by sharing a new perspective on Mondays. I'm determined to win you over!

When I was putting up these new curtains yesterday, I decided to take a few pictures. Now, just being honest, I'm not thrilled with our front yard right now. It's been through a lot over the past two months.

This poor yard has had big machines, tractors, and trucks driving all over it, in the attempt to make this place better, one task at a time. So now that all the big stuff is done and my husband was able to spread some dirt, little sprouts of grass are popping up, which means it's getting better, although it still has a ways to go.

But back to the curtains, or more precisely, the view, I snapped a few more pictures and then put my phone away to cook dinner.

When I looked at the pictures this morning, I noticed that in one of them the little white bridge we built for our granddaughters was in the frame and it hit me that this is how life is...or maybe even just Mondays.

By just shifting our focus, we can see things from a different perspective.

We can stand at the window of life and see all the flaws, all the negatives and all that hasn't been done yet.

Or we can stand at the window of life (or Mondays) and see what has been added, what's still standing or even what's to come.

I can look at the pictures I took and see dirt, or I can shift my focus a bit and see a cute little bridge and run memories through my mind of the girls walking over the bridge and playing in the yard.

My husband and I have been having these discussions a lot lately. How to look for the good, instead of deferring to the negative. It's a combination of your personality, the people you spend time with or feed off of, and I believe, the way you choose to see yourself - as a victim or an overcomer. That's deep for a Monday morning, but such a great lesson to learn.

We all have things in life that look less than perfect. But every one of us also have things that are good and right and worthy of being acknowledged as so.

Sometimes all we have to do is look a little to the left or the right and we'll gain a new perspective.

Even on a Monday morning.

Until Next Time...


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