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A Monday Perspective

We had some unexpected visitors last week.

It was early morning, as I was getting my 2nd cup of coffee, when I heard what sounded like a dog barking. When I opened the curtains to take a look, these guys were swimming around, honking at our neighbor's dog, who had come to check out the noise as well.

I'm not sure if these are the same geese that visited last year, but they look the same, plus they brought 2 more with them. Last year there were only 3.

The first year we were living here, we had 3 otters swim right up to the shore and they hung around for several days. We haven't seen them since then. I hope they make their way back, because they were adorable and it's so fun watching them swim on their backs.

But, back to the geese...they stayed for about 24 hours and by the next morning they were gone.

I guess we were their overnight stop on the way to their next destination.

Here's a little side note about these guys showing up...

When we decided to buy this place, we gave up our dream of having horses or donkeys, ever again, because we were buying a house with a lake for a backyard.

Last week, I was kind of lamenting over that fact and missing our horses, but decided to just talk with the Lord about how I was feeling, because I didn't want to be discontented about our decision (and I'm not).

I was telling God about missing the animals and the potential for new animals, when the very next morning, these geese show up.

Now, think what you will, but I count it a humorous way that God has, where he gives you some joy in an unexpected way.

I was missing my horses, but he sent me some geese, over the air and into the lake, that is now our backyard!

God is a good, good father and he knows how to give good gifts to his children!

So, as you enjoy this video, consider may not get what you ask for, but that doesn't mean you're not being blessed. It just means the Lord meets you where you are and accommodates you there, instead of somewhere else.

Look for the good, look for the blessings and you will find them...even if they're honking instead of neighing!

Until Next Time...





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