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A Monday Perspective - Happy Trails!

Sometimes it takes a few tries before getting something the way you really want it or the way it really needs to be. This set of doors is a good example.

I've tried several sets of curtains on this door, only to realize they weren't working. One was great during the day, but left us feeling exposed at night. The next set was great for blocking the morning sun, but felt too heavy and dark for my colorful cottage. Finally, we are happy with this set because they filter the light, give enough coverage at night and the style perfectly fits the look we are creating in this space.

Isn't life like that too?

Sometimes we buy something, plan something, try something, only to realize it wasn't a good fit. When that happens, we can stick with the thing that's not working or we can regroup and try again.

I'm all for trying again...what about you?

Here's a quote from my book Notes from a Writer's Heart, that I love, because it gives permission to being authentic and going on life's journey, checking off things that aren't really you.

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you,

so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

Life is a journey and hopefully a long, healthy one! Along that road we will either pick up pieces of what everyone else wants us to be, or we will shed the preconceived ideas of others and become the person God created us to be, unapologetically.

We will try ideas that aren't really ours, just to please others. We will move when we really wanted to stay. We will stay when we really wanted to go. We will try to fit where we don't fit at all and we will agonize over the details.

But, my one and only goal should be to walk with Jesus along the journey, becoming all that he wants me to be and learning to walk in that, with confidence.

I want to shed the ideas of what others think I should be and embrace the path chosen for me, by Him.

If I do that, then my journey will be real and life-giving. If I don't, I'll never fit in anyway, so there would be no point to any of it.

The second part to that quote is this:

"Every year slough off the layers of yourself that aren't really you,

until eventually all that remains

is your genuine, authentic self...quirks, blemishes and all."

Happy trails, folks!

Until Next Time...





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