• Debbie Slaughter

A Simple Notebook

As I walked the floor of the new stationary store, I saw expensive notebooks, practical planners and fancy pens.

The saleslady was so helpful as she pointed out all of her favorites - dated, undated - lined or dot grid. Little did she know, I was a paper expert; fully versed in planners and paper products, because I had, quite literally, tried them all over the years. Or so it seemed.

As I browsed and explored, I couldn't help but think about the stack of fifty cent composition notebooks that lined my shelf at home; the ones I often buy on the grocery store aisle as I'm picking up food for the week.

The ones that are perfect for taping my favorite magazine cut-outs into, or writing down my thoughts for the day.

The ones I decorate with scrapbook paper, stickers and my ever-handy packing tape I keep in stock on my office shelf.

These are the notebooks I go back to using after I've ventured off into the world of fancy planners and paper once a year. The ones that never fail to have bright, white pages, sturdy covers and plenty of space.

Sometimes a girl wants something fancy.

But most of the time, this simple girl wants a stack of simple notebooks to store her memories in, get creative with, and know that if she messes up, she can always grab another on her way down the coffee aisle next week.

After all, it's not the quality of the notebook that counts...it's what's written inside that really matters.

Until Next Time...


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