Back Before Everyone Wanted to be Famous

Back before everyone wanted to be famous......

Before Instagram, podcasts and YouTube.

Before selling eye serum or hair products online was a job.

Before people dressed their kids in matching outfits to get more followers.

Back before all of that, our weekends were filled with taco salad and a game of dominoes at a friend's house.

We fed our kids chicken nuggets or fish sticks for lunch, instead of kale or hummus.

We let our kids get to kindergarten before learning their numbers and letters and we weren't thinking about their college status by first grade.

We took our kids for playdates at McDonalds, let them play in the germ infested play area and ate off the $1.00 menu and no one died from either.

Women wanted to be good managers of their homes and men were happy to make a living at a decent job.

Back before everyone wanted to be famous......

We called up a friend for their house or ours.

We took someone a meal when they had a funeral or a baby and we didn't post about it on Facebook.

We also fixed our plate and sat down to eat it, without taking pictures and posting on Instagram.

We didn't collect comments or "likes" and base our popularity on how many friend requests we accepted.

We didn't have the attention span of a flea and could actually focus on entire chapters, of good books, instead of one-line snippets on Twitter.

Now our bookshelves are filled with self-help titles and our computers are full of online courses to help us be a much better version of the person we really are.

Back before everyone wanted to be famous, we were just humans doing the best we knew how and enjoying the company of friends and family, who were just human too.

Now we are polished, shiny, successful, photogenic, popular with thousands of people we don't even know and yet.....we crave more and when we don't get it, we feel less-than.

I long for the days when we were just people......

back before everyone wanted to be famous.

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