• Debbie Slaughter

But God......

I think my last coherent moment was around March 8th, when we celebrated my son Collin's 21st birthday.

We had a house full of people who laughed, ate like there were no worries, took pictures, celebrated and dreamed of tomorrow with total abandon and hope.

And the next week, the world began to shut down.

"Just a few weeks!" they claimed.

"Just until we flatten the curve." they promised.

But the promises were quickly replaced with fear tactics, mandatory masks, creepy face shields and no gathering.

As the months have passed, we've seen violence, hatred, and an absence of common sense like no one's ever seen before. We've been lied to, fed propaganda, missed funerals, weddings, births and so many other moments that can never be retrieved or relived. This country has lost it!

And yet.....God.

Even in the midst of chaos, God is still working.

He's still in the church - even if the church is standing in the parking lots, the hillsides, the streets lined with hatred. God is still there.

He's still in the living room, when you're sick with the virus and you're too tired to move.

He's still in the wedding reduced to ten people.

He's still in the funeral online, being watched by hundreds of people who cared.

He's in the tender moments, when you cry out, wondering if the world will ever be normal again.

God is always there, comforting, reassuring, giving hope where hope has wavered.

He's in the songs that are still being written, the books that are still being published, the art still being created.

We are a people made in his image, so we go on creating, worshiping, praying and singing.

We go on hoping, because though the world has lost it's mind, our God is still the same.

He's the same today as he will be tomorrow and he is where we place our hope; not on the things of this world.

So, in honor of our Lord, who blesses us even in the midst of chaos......here's a list of things that have happened since March 8th.....

We've celebrated more birthdays.

We've almost lost a job, but didn't.

We've moved into a cute, little lake house.

We've had the virus and survived.

We've had an engagement!

We've had two baptisms.

We've lunched with friends.

We've talked with friends and family.

We've saved money.

We bought a truck.

We've slowed down, a lot.

We've gone to church.

We've read our Bibles.

We've prayed and worshiped.

We've cooked more.

We've spent more time at home.

We've shopped less.

Yes, right now the world is crazy, but it's nothing new to God.

In fact, if we really look closely, we can see him working all things together

for the good of those who love him. He always will; he can't help himself!

None of us know what our future will look like, but we do know that rising above the chaos, hatred, sickness and strife, we will find a good father waiting to bless us, even still.

Open our eyes to see, Lord!

We know you're there; if only we would open our eyes.

Until Next Time......


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