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Catching Up With 2021

We're 11 days into the new year and time has not slowed down for the Slaughter family!

We've already celebrated a birthday.....sweet Ella Joy turned 4 years old and we managed to sneak in a Sunday afternoon shopping spree, where of course, she chose dresses and make-up, because she's all about that princess life. The whole family had dinner on her actual birthday and she made off with more fancy goods, cake, pizza and all the love she deserves for being the cutie that she is.

At the end of that week, David and I got to take Emmy home with us, but first we had to stop off at the western store and get David's hat reshaped. The guy helping us was sweet enough to let Emmy behind the counter to step on the pedal that works the steamer and help with the hat. In Texas, we call this a field trip! I mean, who doesn't need to get their hat reshaped on a random Friday?

Emmy spent the night with us and had so many requests! She wanted to ride her jeep, eat muffins, eat potatoes with ranch dressing, watch shows and drink coffee on the back porch while watching the sunrise. Add to all of that....play ABC mouse and do an art project (which she quickly abandoned in favor of making a cardboard box into a car). Needless to say, Millie and Paw Paw were tired the next day!

I spent one day this week working around the house. I actually made this cute farm animal valance out of the ornaments I took off our Christmas tree. I couldn't think of any good reason to pack them away in a box all year, so I decided to try something fun with them.

I also moved some things around in the living room. I love how this corner turned out. Living in a small cottage is challenging for someone who loves to rearrange, but I'm making it work.

This is David's grandmother's old dry sink. We've moved it from house to house with us and it just keeps serving our needs. This is where I store all of my photo albums.

And.....as of today, we are officially 5 days away from Morgan and Collin's wedding! I can't believe it's time! We're so excited and so proud of them! God has blessed us with the best kids and daughter-in-loves! We just love both of the girls God has brought into our family.

Last week also brought a surprise I wasn't expecting. One of my articles was published in a local magazine! It had been submitted so long ago that I completely forgot what I had written. (Such is the life of submissions!) But, I was really happy to see it and pleased with the way it turned out. This is my 2nd time to be published in Viva Southeast Texas Magazine.

And.....this happened!

To close out a very busy week, we made the trip to Humble, Texas on Sunday. My son Ted was playing for one of Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" rallies and it was a great end to a stressful few weeks. (That's Ted in the tan jacket).

It was an open-air venue and the temp was in the mid-30's! We were so cold, but the worship was well worth the frozen toes! I don't think my feet have thawed out yet!

It's always such a beautiful sound to hear, when hundreds are gathered together singing praises to God.

I know there is so much strife going on in our country right now, but all the more reason to keep gathering, keep worshiping, keep focusing on Jesus!

When you see people giving their hearts to Jesus and willing to get baptized in 36 degree weather, it reminds you of what's important in this life and it's nothing but our walk with him.

If we can keep our eyes on Jesus, we can make it. And to see more and more people come to him in such a crazy time, tells me that God is still at work and moving in the hearts of people. That news is the only news we need to be concerned with!

And, on that happy note, I'll be on my way to a day full of catching up on laundry, cleaning, cooking and office work.

Hopefully my feet will warm up as the day goes by.

Anyone else ready for the 70's again?

This Texas girl sure is!

Until Next Time......


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