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Ch. 2 - The Gathering

Last week I shared one of my favorite stories from Chapter 1, titled

The Awkwardness of a Coffee Shop, about a time I sat alone and felt every moment of it.

Today I thought I'd share a story that conveys the exact opposite emotion - a gathering of friends and the warmth of that event.

I hope you enjoy!


The Gathering One by one, they come in the door. Greetings and hugs, hellos and welcomes... "I'll take that dish and put your coat there", echo into the entryway. Old friends reunite and new ones shake hands; it's the gathering of the old and new, all together, under one roof. Some sit quietly, taking in the sounds. Others chatter away endlessly, like they still have thousands of words to use up before night's end. The blessing is asked, plates passed and the bravest one goes first. Homemade dishes, festive treats - it's the holiday of all holidays and all diets are off limits this night. Some at tables and some in chairs. Plates are full and conversations flowing. "Who wants coffee?" says the host, and mugs are filled with yummy, hot comfort. Sugar and cream, plain and black; all the differences in their cups. The gathering is the same... all the differences in each face - retired, still working, homemaker and boss. But tonight, just friends, laughing and swapping stories. "How many years have y'all been married?" Forty-two?

Oh, they have you beat by one year!" "Come see this picture!"

"Look at those shoes!"

And just like that - the house is filled with people sharing life and it's a beautiful event.

The gathering was made for people and the people were made to gather.

And all went home, and life felt good.


When I read this story, I'm reminded of our need to gather together. I'm reminded of the importance of opening our homes and lives to others; sharing our blessings with friends and learning the stories of those we don't know much about.

People need us and we need them.

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Until Next Time.....


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