• Debbie Slaughter

Everything but Words

It’s 6:00 a.m. and I’m settling down at my desk for my morning writing session.

The weather has turned a bit colder since I went to bed last night, but my hot cup of coffee, slippers, pj’s and my long, blue sweater are keeping me warm as my computer comes awake for the first time today.

I love this time of morning.

The house is quiet and it’s as if all of my emotions and faculties are on alert; waiting for that creative word to fall into place.

My desk is outfitted for creativity: colored pens, tape, glue, stickers, and my daily planner, for which all of those supplies are waiting. Planning is a serious trade.

My Bible sits over to the side, accompanied by various tools which help me study the Word. There is a designated notebook that stays with that crowd; just for writing down my inspiration gleaned from the greatest teacher ever.

On one corner of my desk sits a vintage typewriter - a gift from my husband, who believes in my words and stories. The keys are a little stiff, but the ink still shows and the machine stands as a monument to someone who believes in me.

In the opposite corner from the typewriter, there is a metal basket which houses various notebooks filled with ideas and notes, a book from one of my favorite authors and several writing magazines for study and inspiration. One can never have too many tools, can they?

The center of the desk holds two matching lamps, giving off just enough glow to make my office feel cozy and warm in the early morning and very inviting as the sun goes down in the evening.

I bought a cozy office chair last year, so I would have no distractions from this place where I spend a lot of my time. One cannot write with an aching back.

So, as I sit this morning, in my perfect chair, surrounded by all the necessary, creative tools, and I place my fingers on the keys of my computer, I realize that I have everything a writer needs to be productive.

Everything, that is…..but words.

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

After all, I’ve got all the right tools.


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