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Happy Fall...I Think!

Well, there's nothing like a few days in the 70's to trick you into thinking it's FALL around here. But, that's ok. I would have decorated anyway just because it's September and to me, that says FALL.

Fall is one of the holidays I don't mind spending a little money on because it lasts until it's time to decorate for Christmas, so I feel like I get my money's worth when I buy new stuff.

I can only decorate this small porch that we use daily, because it has a cover over it, whereas the back porch is still without a roof (coming soon) and everything would be ruined in no time, if I leave anything out there.

Once we screen in the back porch and put a roof over it, I think it will be fun to have an extra space to decorate.

Whatever season we're in, I also change my sign down by the gate at the end of the driveway. I don't have a picture of that yet, but right now it's a sunflower sign that says "Welcome" on it. Last year we had a few bales of hay and some pumpkins. Now that I think about it, we probably need to add something a little more festive down there soon. I like to welcome family and friends with lots of color and something fun, when they come through the gate.

Speaking of fun...last week, for Millie Day (which is what we call my weekly day with my babies), I set out all of the Fall items I had saved from last year and let the girls decorate the kitchen table. They were so excited and did a great job working as a team (I'm always trying to emphasize a good team effort) and giving one another a chance to put things where each of them thought they should go.

I didn't coach them or change anything and here's the finished product, which I think turned out great!

(The 3-year-old did not participate. She's too busy running here and there and back again.)

Living in this small space has one disadvantage when it comes to decorating the only dining table we have. When people come through the door, the first flat surface they see is this table and whatever they have in hand usually gets plopped down right there. So, keeping a white table runner looking clean and pretty is a challenge. I also have to remove all the decor when we sit down for family dinner because we have a long, not too wide farm table and there isn't enough room for plates, cups and decor. Otherwise, I love to have this table decorated, since it is a big feature in our very small space.

I'm not one for the pumpkin flavored hype that occurs every September, but I do love to add a few autumn colors to the wardrobe, so I found some cute shirts with coffee and pumpkins on them and will get plenty of wear out of them, now until Thanksgiving.

I love the arrival of Fall. I love waking each morning, looking at the temperature gauge hanging in the living room and opening the door with hopes that the air has changed. It's a long wait, but the day you stick your head out and feel a crispness in the air, your entire attitude changes. The energy, all around, changes.

Fall is coming. Keep sticking your head out in anticipation. It's worth the wait!

Until Next Time...





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