• Debbie Slaughter

If You Will Let Me

One thing I try not to do is jump on the bandwagon of writing about things that the entire world is already writing about. Who has time for all of that?

But this morning I was reading one of my favorite authors (Ruth Harms Calkin) and found the perfect words for this virus lockdown going on in the world.

With so much uncertainty and fear, we need to know that God is still at work, even in uncertain times.

So here are the words of Ruth Harms Calkin and what I consider to be the perfect reminder that God loves to make beauty out of ashes:

Early this morning, Lord

An hour or so before dawn

You whispered a secret

Within my trembling heart.....

You said, "If you will let Me

I will make this seeming tragedy

The most valuable experience

Of your entire life.

I will blaze a luminous trail

Through the vast wilderness.

Where there is sand and tumbleweed

I will cultivate a fertile valley.

I will plant green trees by still waters.

If you will let Me."

I am praying for all of you.

Until next time......



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