• Debbie Slaughter

It's Finally Here!

I think I started talking about this book back in 2020 and now, after several cover changes and many edits (it had to feel just right), it's finally ready to share!

Notes from a Writer's Heart is my new book and it's a personal one...

personal in the way that some of the stories are straight from my memories and my life. But, also personal in the way that some of the stories are just my observations and my way of viewing a situation.

In this book of essays, I share my own stories, as well as the feelings and thoughts that the stories of others brought to mind.

Many of the experiences are viewed close up and many are from a distance, but the point is, these stories will make you think and feel.

This book is also very personal because it's a project that truly shows my style of writing and that's always a vulnerable place to be.

I don't write fiction and I don't write flowery poetry. I write my feelings, I like to say, because that's really what my writing is all about.

If you like going down memory lane or reading something that makes you feel like you're experiencing it too, I think you'll really enjoy this book.

Put it next to your favorite chair and pick it up once a day. Read a story or two and let the stories take you to another place and time. Set it down and go about your day. In other words, savor it and enjoy it and after you've decided it's a keeper, gift one to your best friend, your mom, your sister or the lady at the bank. I want everyone to read it and feel like they can relate.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Writing is what I do, but sharing it makes it that much more precious to me.

Until Next Time......


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