• Debbie Slaughter

Let's Take a Drive

It's an early morning or a lazy afternoon and one of us says.....

"Let's take a drive."

We’ve been doing this for years. It’s where we have some of our best conversations.

There’s something about being in our old truck, taking the roads at a slower pace, that welcomes conversation undistracted. It takes away the pressure of being face-to-face and allows words and thoughts to flow a little more freely between us.

We love the country roads; the ones where we search for the donkeys and the horses we’ve come to expect. We reminisce about the horses we once had and how we miss them and wonder how they’re doing.

We pass the property of some friends and take notice of all the progress they’ve made and talk about the projects we would like to get started on at our place.

Sometimes we’ll stop by the ice cream shop where I’ll get my favorite and he’ll take on a malt. Then we get back in the old truck and head out for some more conversation and adventure.

We may find an old junk store and take a minute to walk the aisles. Most of the time we come out empty handed, but it’s all part of the charm of the day.

Finally one of us will say it’s time to head home and we’ll start going in that direction, only to find ourselves drawn to the winding road off the beaten path.

It lends us a little more time and a little more talk, though by this time we’re both comfortable with the quiet of the ride, as we take in the sights of the country road.

A little while later we see our home in the distance and we arrive with full hearts.

It feels like we’ve been gone just long enough, but the truth is, both of us are anticipating the next time someone says......."Let's take a drive!”......... hoping it will be soon.

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