• Debbie Slaughter

Living in the Unknown

Last night, as I watched my son and daughter-in-love courageously step out of a full-time staff position, with a steady paycheck, into a full-time music business season, I was reminded what true faith is really all about.

Faith isn't having everything lined out, in our own strength and wisdom. It's not having everything so prepared and calculated, that we have nothing to worry about. It's not trying to think of every possible scenario and coming up with solutions, even before you need them.

No, true faith is living in the unknown.

True faith is knowing that God has called you to something, but it making little sense on paper.

True faith is not just saying you trust God, but putting yourself in a situation where he can come through for you.

It's the very popular phrase - "stepping out of your comfort zone" - and yet, so much more than that!

It's trusting Him with the very things that scare you the most.

True faith is opening your hands to God and saying "Lord, I have no idea how this is going to go, look, sustain, or work, but I trust you with all the details."

True faith is trusting God with all the things beyond your control.......

and being ok with living in the unknown.


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