• Debbie Slaughter

MawMaw and Hank

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother was of her playing the piano. I loved to watch her hands move up and down the keys and I loved the sound of the songs she would play and sing. Little did I know that sitting on the bench for those few minutes, now and then, would engrave a memory on my heart for years to come.

Here's one of my favorite stories from Notes from a Writer's Heart...


MawMaw and Hank

In my little-girl mind,

she was just as a MawMaw should be...

Round body, glasses and an apron

over her favorite red dress.

She snapped peas, sorted beans

and made that special salad with cool whip and fruit.

But when the chores were done and the request was made,

she would take her place on the piano bench,

with me beside her,

and my world opened up to the sound of music....

honkeytonk style.

My eyes would be fixed on her fingers;

the way she could move up and down the keys.

It was my favorite thing to watch her do.

"Your Cheatin' Heart" was my song.

I was too young to understand the meaning,

but it was my favorite, nonetheless.

The room would fill with the volume of the keys,

as her voice would sound like perfection to me.

In those moments, nothing else could compare.

In those moments,

MawMaw and Hank

were teaching me how to love music,

and to this day

I can't hear that song without thinking

about MawMaw and Hank

and the little girl who loved them both.


This story reminds me of the importance of every-day moments. As we go about our simple encounters with family and friends and even strangers, we are imprinting memories on their hearts.

Do you have any memories like this, that may have seemed so simple, and yet they've stuck with you over the years?

I encourage you to start writing them down.

Until Next Time.....


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