• Debbie Slaughter

Memories and Routines

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I had a sweet memory pop in my head today, which gave way to several more memories of days gone by - all because I went grocery shopping.

I remember, as a child, I loved going grocery shopping with my stepmother Ruby.

We would drive down the road, into town, turn right at the light, next to the Post Office and HEB.

Back then, HEB seemed magical to me.

We would peruse the aisles as Ruby chose Shasta sodas and packages of Buddig lunch meats. I'm sure she gathered up the ingredients for sloppy Joes and homemade french fries (always my request) and cheese flavored Doritos.

The store carried beach towels, balls, and floats, which always made me long for warm summer days in the pool or trips to the nearby lake.

As we would pay and head into the parking lot, we would pass by the little blue swimming pools stacked neatly on the sidewalk and everything about them felt like childhood would last forever.

We would make the drive back down the country roads, over the creek bridge, with Ruby hitting the bumps a little too fast and we would break out into laughter.

Once home, with the groceries scattered over the countertops, she would carefully compare each item to her receipt, to make sure she came home with all she paid for. I didn't really understand the reasoning behind that ritual back then, but grew to understand it once I became the purchaser of groceries for my own home.

We always had sandwiches and chips for lunch and I never grew tired of them. If there were leftovers from the previous night's supper, my dad would have those on his lunch break.

Days of Our Lives came on right at noon, and we would watch the show while eating our lunch.

I came to expect the routine of grocery shopping on Wednesdays. That was her day and she stuck to it, because it was the day the stores started their new weekly sales.

I look at my own life and the rituals and routines I have now and it makes me appreciate Ruby's days much more than I ever did then.

Back then, I took for granted all the things she did around the house and all the things she let me do with her.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and appreciate those days more.

But, time moves and people fade and we tell our stories over and over, so we won't forget.

We take our days for granted and our routines seem mundane, but for those who are growing up watching what we do, they hold value and we aren't even aware.

Maybe, just maybe, they should hold more value for us too.

Until Next Time......



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