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My Favorite Days

Updated: May 11, 2021

My favorite days are the ones where all my grown kids and all the grandkids are gathered here, in this little house, together.

When we're all bumping into each other in the kitchen as we try to fix plates and sippy cups for 3 little girls. When just as someone sits, someone else gets up for something they forgot or a second round of food for the kids. When we just get into a conversation and someone needs help in the bathroom. When everyone finishes eating in shifts, because we've all attended to someone or were last in line for the food. Yes, it's chaos, but it's it's our chaos and it's how we roll.

My favorite day continues as the kids run off to play with toys, the grownups grab a cup of coffee, snack on something sweet and conversations about music gear, the latest fashion find or what someone's binge watching start to take place.

The newlyweds are cuddled on the couch, toys are scattered over the carpet and something on Disney is barely audible on the tv.

If it's warm enough, we make our way outside to watch the girls drive their jeep, play on the swings or pick up sticks in the yard.

When everyone is tired and cranky (nap time), we make our way back in to pick up toys, clean up dishes and all my people pack up to go.

It takes a bit to find shoes, gather bags, wrangle 3 girls and load up. As we stand at the car saying our goodbyes, someone gets out of their buckled-up car seat, someone is crying, the other is asking when it's "Millie Day" again, and on and on it goes, until the last hug and "I love you" is said.

As all my people drive away, David and I head back inside to put the house back in order, before settling in for the evening. We reminisce about the great day we've had, the cute things that were done or said, how much we love our kids and how we can't wait to see them again.

Did I mention these are my favorite days?

Until Next Time......


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