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Notes from a Writer's Heart

Every week I'm going to share a page from my book, Notes from a Writer's Heart.

This book is a treasure to me, with notes, stories and essays I've written over the years that have finally come together in book form.

As the introduction says...some of the stories are personal, some are observations I've made of others, and some are purely fiction. I think that's part of the charm of this book, to figure out which is which.

I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of my notes each week. I'll use this cover each time, so you'll know to look for it, if you want to read the stories.


Coffee Can of Colors

If you drive down Hill Road, turn left onto the dirt drive

and through the aluminum gate, you'll see the wooden house.

Worn and tattered from too many years of

fixing and not enough paint to make it shine.

If you walk up the back steps and through the screen door,

you'll enter the dining room and kitchen

where a rifle stood in the corner

and meals were cooked day and night.

If you open the bottom cabinet, nearest the back door,

you'll find a coffee can of colors,

several coloring books and a trail of sugar ants.

It was the first place I looked when I walked inside.

That cabinet full of crayons made me feel like she was

always waiting for me; knowing I'd come again.

I would take my place at the table, with MawMaw straight across.

I remember sugar cubes in her coffee and her red dress on.

I don't remember what we talked about,

but I remember coloring as we sat.

MawMaw and me and a coffee can full of colors.


This story is special to me, as I spend time with my own grandchildren.

My prayer is that I can make memories that warm their

hearts, for years to come.

Thanks for taking time to read my stories!

Until Next Time...





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