• Debbie Slaughter

Old Habits, New Seasons

Updated: Apr 18

For so many years I’ve had kids under my feet who needed my attention. It’s one of those seasons in parenthood that you think will never end…..until it does.

Now, suddenly I find myself with time…..time to do the chores without stopping to make a snack (well, occasionally I need a snack!) or time to read, grocery shop, have lunch with a friend - all without having to consider the little people under my care.

But, what’s funny is that I may be in a new season of life, but my old habits think otherwise.

I still can’t sit and read in the middle of the day, without feeling like I’m doing something wrong or neglecting someone in need.

I still want to take care of the chores and responsibilities by a certain time of day, because that’s how I’ve done it for 24 years!

So, yesterday, as I was alone in the house and thinking of things that I needed to do, these thoughts hit me; this freedom that I now have and I had to laugh at the fact that I shackle myself to those old habits, while freedom is literally at my fingertips!

Isn’t that how we are with our freedom in Christ?

Such glorious freedom is within our very grasp, yet we shackle ourselves to old habits and old obligations.

We can speak with authority given to us, as children of God, but we still speak with doubts on our tongues and disbelief in our hearts.

We can pray with such fierceness, that the enemy trembles, but instead, we cautiously speak our requests as if we are slaves approaching a master.

We wear the chains of legalism and cuff ourselves to rules and regulations, because to be free from the checklist is to be free indeed, and you know what? That scares the heck out of us.

We are such creatures in need of routine and structure that we forget to give the Holy Spirit room to work in our lives.

So, what would happen if, for once, you and I just embraced our freedom - whether we need freedom in our day or freedom in our walk with God - what if we stepped out of the shackles and walked free?

What if we embraced this new season as it was meant to be embraced…..as a gift?

Wow! What a glorious day that would be!


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