Random Facts About ......ME!

I'm seeing so many posts reflecting on all that 2020 has delivered on people's doorsteps this year, and because I've already done a few of those, I thought it would be fun to write about something a little more personal.....ME!

In no particular order, here are the most random facts that you may or may not know about me:

I've always been a morning person - as in, up by 6:00 a.m. - even as a kid

I don't like mushy food. I need some crunch.

I drink coffee first thing every morning, but sometimes I actually get tired of it.

My morning routine is to get coffee, sit at my desk - write, create, and read my Bible.

I can't read if there is any type of noise going on.

I had the same cat from first grade to my senior year.

I competed in the Miss Teen of Texas pageant in 1984.

I love the music of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

I kill plants.

I hate spiders and heights and hiking.

My love language is quality time.

I hate talking to people who are looking at their phone or aren't making eye contact.

I don't do fake. Especially in people.

I like giving better than receiving.

I enjoy being behind the scenes much more than being out front.

I have super high expectations of everyone, including myself. It's not a good thing.

I was once on a committee called The Committee on Committees. Dumbest thing ever.

I only like chicken if it's shredded.

I prefer savory breakfast over sweet.

The internet has given me overload of the brain for several years now.

I prefer old-school blogging over the current social media status.

I don't identify as any denomination. I'm a Christian - follower of Jesus. Religion is man-made. Just my opinion.

I enjoy worship over a sermon, any day. Preachers who don't like music......no. I don't get it.

I cry at weddings and baptisms. Every single time.

I love the conversations I have with my grand girls. I wish I had a recording of all of the talks we've had.

I prefer taking pictures of objects, rather than people.

I don't do selfies.

I'm never the one to tell people about my book. My husband always brings it up, which is embarrassing and yet, sweet.

I've owned a camera since I was a kid and used to send my pictures off to a company called YORK,

using my allowance. I always got double prints. My camera was the Kodak 110, with a flip flash. Oh yeah!

Every time I buy a new gadget, I end up giving it to my kids (bye bye Apple watch).

I don't press all the buttons in my car. In fact, I get a new car, learn the very basic functions and drive it. I never explore all the options. (This applies to electronics and large appliances too. Hence the Apple Watch situation).

I don't make resolutions any more because I can't be trusted to follow through. Same goes for yearly goals. I finally learned to accept this flaw in myself and I'm ok with it.

I change planners every few months and when the day comes that my kids have to clean out my stuff, they will find multiple planners, notebooks, journals, etc. that are 1/4 of the way used up and hopefully they can piece together my life like a jigsaw puzzle, because I've tried to change and I can't.

And there you have it! Random facts that make up some of who I am.

I hope you have a great New Year! We all know 2020 can be greatly improved upon and yet, I felt the move of God this year too.

More on that later.

Until next time.....


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