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Starting Over

I wonder how many "starting overs" I've had in my lifetime. Whether mistakes that needed to be turned around, new houses to decorate, new friendships to form, new churches to attend, or new blogs to start.

Life is full of opportunities to start over and frankly, I'm thankful!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Mondays the most. Mondays are a new start. Mondays give us an entire week to look forward to and make new plans, new resolutions, with new growth. Mondays are what you make of them, and for me, I always think of them as a fresh start.

But I also know that starting over can be tough, depending on what you're starting.

I find myself currently renovating our little home (cottage, as we call it) and wondering what in the world are we doing, starting all over again. Why do we do this to ourselves?

However, I also can't imagine staying in places that make life stagnant.

Sometimes you have to step out and do new things. I hate to be cliche`, but life is too short to never do anything different than what you've been doing for way too long!

It's the new beginnings that put pep in our step and give us new reasons to start the day.

Some will wonder why I'm starting a new blog, and that's ok! But fresh ideas come with fresh looks, fresh ideas and sometimes you need a fresh new place.

And this is my fresh new place and I'm excited to be here, sharing my next season of life with my friends,

whoever you may be!

Welcome to my new start!

Until Next Time...





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