• Debbie Slaughter

Still Together After All These Years

When I was young in my faith, it seemed we talked more, Lord. I would pray and hear your answers through various means - messages spoken to my heart, through something on the radio or often in the pages of a book.

But, as I've gotten older, it's almost like we've grown into a comfortable, older relationship - one that doesn't require so many words, but always has the comfort of knowing the other is nearby.

You're used to me wanting something...quickly, and I'm used to you making me wait.

I'm used to over thinking everything in life. and you're used to having to talk me off the ledge.

We meet comfortably in the mornings, while I sleepily sip my morning coffee and you, very patiently, listen to my broken pieces of sleepy prayers. You don't even mind when I repeat myself.

I question my own value sometimes and you reassure me that my uniqueness is what you value most. You remind me not to chase after what others have or do, but to keep paving my own way like you taught me years ago.

We talk throughout the day - usually me coming to you about the kids or the new house I want. You comfort me and reassure me that you're handling all of it and it's all working out for our good.

You periodically remind me of something I've read in your Word and it calms my soul.

In the evening we sit together until it's finally time to crawl into bed. You wait quietly while I finish my nightly routine of solitaire and finding the old hymns on my phone, then you listen attentively as I thank you for my day and all the blessings you graced me with since that morning. I finally drift off to sleep with you by my side.

In the morning when I wake, there you are faithfully waiting on me by my cozy chair, coffee in hand, Bible and journal on the table beside.

I say "Good morning, Lord," and together we start another day - just you and I - still together after all these years.

Until Next Time....


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