• Debbie Slaughter

Sunday Morning Thoughts

It's another Sunday waking up at home and not having to rush off to church. I'm not going to lie....it's kind of nice. Not that I wouldn't want to hug some people, talk to people and actually watch worship "live," rather than through my TV, but the peace I feel on Sunday mornings is always so strong, that it beats the rat race, for sure.

So I'm sitting in my office with my first cup of coffee and I've got my Bible open, but my mind isn't quite on board yet. I miss the days when I woke up hungry for the hour of Bible study before the kids got up. Back then I had to claw my way through the early risers, just to have that focused time. There were many years I got up an hour earlier, just so I wouldn't be interrupted by little people. Now I have the time, but the willpower has faded.

I pull some books off the shelf to help me with my study time and I come across a book of prayer prompts. This is good, because I need prompting!

I flip through and read some of the previous prayers I've written and think about those that have been answered and those that are still pending. There are some that I've been writing for years and I wonder if they will ever change. Am I praying the right prayers? Saying the right words? Is God even hearing them?

Why do some prayers go unanswered, such as the prayer for healing? It seems so cut and dry to me, but I guess God's holding out for something, I just don't know what.

I come across a page in the book that prompts me to pray for my church. Well, this could be a problem, because David and I don't technically have a church.

We've become nomads, in a sense.

Over the years we've followed our kids to their respective churches to be led in worship by them. We don't regret it and we wouldn't have it any other way, but it does make for interesting conversation among the people, doesn't it?

It's not the norm and I get it, but it's the way David and I are choosing to do life and I'm not sorry. But what I've realized is that it's hard to narrow down which church to call your own and then a thought hits me.....they are all ours!

At every single church we've attended, we have friends. It's actually a beautiful thing!

At every church we have pastors we respect, people we love and worship teams we're praying for and I can't help but think that this is pleasing to the Lord. In fact, aren't we all of the same church anyway? We're all the body, right?

It's not surprising that we're doing things a little different; after all, we homeschooled for 20 years and that really chapped the crowd, but oh well. We're called to be a peculiar people, right?

So, as I sit here, prompted by my prayer book, to pray for "my church," I begin to list all the churches that I'm lifting up today. Big ones, little ones and those in between. They all have a place in my heart and God is in each one of them.

In another hour or so, when the church hour hits, there will be several services I'll be "attending" virtually and I will be blessed by each and every one. I'll claim every one of them as "my church" because I love them all.

Just some Sunday morning thoughts for today.

Until next time.....


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