• Debbie Slaughter

Surrounded but Alone

In a crowded room, she sits….surrounded but alone.

This is her home now, but it’s only a place to keep her body, because her heart and her soul live back in time.

They tell her it will get easier; eventually she will make friends and this place will feel like home.

But, it’s been two years and she still longs for her own bed and her husband beside her.

Each week they entertain, but it’s really just to pass the time.

Time until someone else says goodbye – month after month.

Then one day, some musicians come to entertain.

They tell her she should go – it will do her some good.

She tells them that she will sit in the room, but she’s sure it will mean nothing.

After all, she’s just a shell of a woman these days; passing the time, until....

The guys start to play and sing and she only gives half her attention.

Her mind wanders.

But then….half way through their hour….she hears it….

That song – the one about blue eyes and strolling hand in hand, again.

And the tears start to fall, because that’s what she longs for.

She closes her eyes and the pictures come, sure and bright.

That man and her – hand in hand again – up yonder.

Her blue eyes crying for what once was and what is to come.

And, for a moment or two, she’s no longer in that room.

She’s been moved to another time, where hands touch and hearts merge

And someone knows her and loves her.

Then all too quickly, it’s over.

The song ends, her eyes open and it’s just her again.

No man holding her hand, no strolling up yonder.

Just her……

Surrounded - but alone.

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