• Debbie Slaughter

Thoughts on Writing - The Ideas - Part 1

For some reason, I have a hard time explaining to people what kind of writing I do. Should I call it essays? Poetry? Creative writing or Non-Fiction? I finally made up my own definition of Stories and Words, because essentially, that's what it is.

But, what exactly does that mean.....Stories and Words?

For years now, I've been filling journals with thoughts and stories, quotes and quips of whatever comes to mind. Whether it's something I'm learning as I'm reading my Bible or ideas that form as I'm observing life that's going on around me. Scenes come to life and I have to get them down on paper, before they vanish.

For many years, while we lived in an old farmhouse, I would step outside and lessons about life would suddenly appear. As I would snap photos of the horses or spot a bird in the birdbath, analogies of life and faith would pop into my head and I would turn them into blog posts.

There were many years where the photography would drive the ideas for the words, until life changed, along with the scenes of life, and the pictures and words weren't so plentiful.

When you write off of emotion (I once described myself as an "emotional writer"), the seasons of life can either fuel your work or hinder it, depending on what you're going through.

Some seasons have you overflowing with ideas and words, and others leave you barely able to form a cohesive thought. During the dry time, it feels as though you'll never write again, but I've experienced the waves enough to know that it's an ebb and flow, just like life; everything gets better in time and with each change of scenery, there are new ideas waiting to be shared.

Many writers will tell you to push through - even in the dry spells - and continue to exercise that muscle of writing words. But, as a writer who feels all the life going on around her, I have to give in to the time when my mind needs a break. That doesn't mean I'm not still taking notes; it just means I'm not sharing my notes with an audience.

I believe that those times of holding your words close to the heart, will produce some of the best ideas and stories for later down the road. Life really does supply the best material; but sometimes you have to live a little and then come back to the process when the time is right.

***Look for Part 2 of Thoughts on Writing - Ideas, in the next post***


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