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Through the Screen Door

Each week, I'm going to be sharing a look through the screen door, for a peek at what we're doing outside. This particular view is through the back door, which is in the livingroom, looking out onto the back porch and lake.

Fun fact about this house...the original owners had it placed facing the lake, meaning the front door and big window in the livingroom, face the lake. The bad news is that the back of the house - where all the utility boxes and air conditioning unit are - is the view you see when you drive down the driveway. Not so great. I'm not going to show pictures of that in this post, but eventually will, when things look better.

We bought this little place over the summer and right away, began the renovation process.

We had trees cut - about 9 of them! That was probably the most harrowing process in renovation I've ever been through! I don't think I'll choose to be anywhere near another tree falling, for a long, long time.

Then we had the roof replaced, out of necessity.

Recently we've had a new patio built off the back porch and it has added such a great, extra spot for outdoor living. The glass table will eventually be moved down to the patio, the porch will be screened in and I'll add an outdoor living room set to the porch.

I've learned, living in this small space, that adding outdoor rooms can be much more cost effective than adding on to the interior.

Plus, when you've got this view, you need outdoor spaces to enjoy!

That's all I'll share for this post, but each week I'll bring something new into the view through the screen door, so come back to check out the progress!

Until Next Time...





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