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Welcome Home

Thursday morning I was sitting at my computer with coffee in hand, when my phone rang at 6:21 a.m. When I saw my son's name scroll across the screen, I knew this was going to be a big day. In fact, it was a huge day!

Our 5th grandbaby and 2nd grandson came into our lives that day - Calem Lee Alexander was on his way and that meant David and I would be on girl duty. We threw on some clothes and headed to Beaumont to pick up the girls so Ted and Alex could head to the hospital.

We spent our day fielding questions about how baby Calem would enter the world, playing with playdoh, barbies, shoe shopping, lunch and taking jeep rides with PawPaw. By the time we got to the hospital, they were so ready to meet their baby brother.

Look at those smiles! They have been waiting for a baby brother and he's finally here. Alex was a pro, like she has been with all the other babies and Ted is an expert now at being her support system. They make a good team.

David and I are just absolutely thrilled to have 2 boys to carry on the name and break up some of this barbie paraphernalia that's taking over the toy closet.

I think Asa approves of his little buddy coming along to join the family (or should I say circus).

Our little cottage just got a little smaller. But in the best way.

Until Next Time...





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