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Welcome to Family Dinner

Every Tuesday night you can find this little cottage filled with the likes of 10 humans, all moving around one another; squeezing by as we fill our plates with food or take our seat at the table. Most of the time, the food is just something casual, like tacos or BBQ sandwiches. Occasionally I'll make a roast with mashed potatoes, which seems to be a favorite.

Sometimes I use paper plates, but other nights I'll use the real dishes. There's no rhyme or reason - it all just depends on whether I feel like loading the dishes or tossing them.

Many weeks, when I make my weekly Hobby Lobby run or a quick visit to Home Goods, I'll grab some cute paper plates or treat holders, just for fun. If I had room, I would buy decorative paper plates for all themes and occasions and keep them in the pantry for Tuesday nights or dinner parties. I love a good theme and plates to go with them!

I will start cooking about 4:00 and like to have everything ready when everyone walks in around 6:00.

When the kids and grandkids arrive, the chaos ensues. Hugs and kisses. Granddaughters showing us something they brought from home, or a new outfit they are wearing. Everyone has to hug the latest baby, Asa. He's so adorable and we all have to bombard him with baby talk, trying to see his famous smile or better yet, make him giggle.

Cups filled with tea or lemonade, plates filled with food, we all enjoy catching up for the week. The girls finish in record time and hop down to play with blocks or barbies. Inevitably, the 3-year-old will come back and want nibbles off her plate or go straight for dessert.

The adults linger at the table and talk about work or projects until it's time for coffee and moving into the livingroom to get comfortable.

The rest of the night is filled with everyone taking a turn holding Asa. The grown-ups keep time on one another, so we all get a turn and then it's the little girl's turn to hold him. One by one, Emmy and Ella take their turn and by the end of the night, everyone has held the baby (except for Addie, who is too busy for sitting). We can't get enough of him! But talk always turns to the baby on the way, too. In just a month we will be adding another baby boy (Calem) to the table! He and Asa will be 5 months apart and we will have 5 grandkids at that point!

Our table is getting full and our little cottage is feeling smaller by the moment.

At the time in our life when we have the biggest amount of family, we have the smallest amount of space. Hmmm...I wonder how this will turn out?

I guess my husband has some work to do on this renovation!

I'll keep you updated!

Until Next Time...





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