• Debbie Slaughter

What I'm Loving Right Now

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Have you heard the question "What are you loving right now?" I've heard it asked on several podcasts that I'm listening to and it's become one of my favorite segments.

The answers range anywhere from books to household appliances, to new habits that are making someone's life easier to manage.

So I thought I'd start sharing some of the things that I'm loving each week, and maybe they'll spark a sense of curiosity in someone else. You just never know!


1. A book called Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, by Alison May.

Alison has such a way of telling stories of her every day life, and making you feel like you want to put on an apron, light a candle and not necessarily clean anything, but more savor the feel of loving your home - messes and all. She is a fellow blogger, who writes unapologetically at times and at other times, hides away behind her keyboard, shy and unsure if there's anyone out there. I guess you could say, I get her. I 100% get her and therefore, I'm loving her right now. You can find Alison's books on Amazon, as well as, read her blog HERE

2. Podcasts - I can't seem to live without them these days!

I have about 10-12 different shows I listen to throughout the week, depending on the mood I'm in.

There are money podcasts, sermons, self-help, entertainment and even podcasts about other people doing podcasts. Some of my regulars are: The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, Money Nerds , The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman, Sadie Robertson's WHOA That's Good, and of course, Dave Ramsey for all the money advice.

Podcasts really help pass the time when I'm cleaning or in the kitchen cooking. They are a great source of education or entertainment - whatever you're in the mood for - and they're free!

And there you have it! Just a few things that are "sparking joy" (if you will) in my life these days.

Until Next Time......


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