• Debbie Slaughter

What If.....?

Updated: Apr 18

What if we’re being given a new start?

What if God is taking us back to the small, intimate church where He is

truly the only focus?

What if God is leading us to be better

stewards of what’s in our cabinets and refrigerator and

know the difference between wants and needs?

What if parents are being called to take more interest

in teaching their kids, instead

of relying on everyone else to do it?

What if He’s showing us what a privilege it is,

just to walk around the block and breath fresh air?

What if He’s allowing you to see that

you don’t have to be so caught up in

busyness to be happy?

What if this is your chance to rest?

To practice self-care and caring for others?

Will you do it?

What if this is a time to pray and realize

how blessed we truly are?

We lack nothing….most of us.

We may not be rich,

but we are abundantly blessed.

We may not be able to sit in a restaurant,

but we can sit at our own table

surrounded by family.

We may not have all the supplies we wish we would

have stocked up on,

but I bet we have more than we need.

What if this is the reset you’ve been

wishing for?

What will you do with this time?

Will you find God in the midst?

What if…….?

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