• Debbie Slaughter

When Dreams Know Their Place

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

This generation is really big on dreams.....have you noticed?

I mean, everyone is supposed to have a purpose, a dream, bucket lists and life-long goals, and honestly, it gets a little overwhelming to try and live in such a dreamy world!

I've been through my dream phase and it was fun; fun to focus on that one thing that seemed like it was everything. But, it was also very self-indulgent. And one day I found myself praying to God that he would help me get back to being just a regular wife and mom. That he would help me find my peace in the everyday workings of my household and that my spirit would stop striving so hard to fit in to the dream crazy world.

Sometimes I would sit and think back on my life as a young mom; how my days had such purpose in the routines and rhythms of my household. I didn't strive to be "someone"; I knew who I was and what purpose I had, and I truly loved my life.

But slowly the times changed and everyone was talking about "purpose" and dreams and even a content housewife starts to feel like there's got to be "more" because surely this isn't all life is made of, and the next thing I knew, what once felt so right and sure, gave way to striving and searching.

So, as I said, I started praying for the Lord to take me back (at least in mind and spirit) to those days of contentment - those days when I enjoyed my life and family and this job that I was entrusted with and slowly the peace and joy seeped back into my days.

It was almost like my mindset did a flip-flop, and what once was on the upside, turned downward and what I had placed on the downside, became the upside again. Can you get the visual?

That was God working in my mind and heart.

That was the Lord showing me that we are all made for something, but we don't have to lose ourselves in the process.

Striving and pushing our way through our dreams is definitely the world's way of "getting there", but God's ways are totally opposite. They always are.

The times that I've accomplished some big things in my life, I didn't strive. The opportunities presented themselves and the time and effort fell into place. Yes, I had to do the work - mentally and physically - but there wasn't a sense of the world on my shoulders. Quite the opposite, in fact. There was peace. Even in the midst of working on the project, there was peace.

I try to remember that, these days, because it really is a cool feeling to be accomplishing something with the hand of God holding you up, verses trying to hold yourself up.

As my son once told me......"Where you promote yourself; you'll have to sustain yourself." (a quote from Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel church)

I'll tell you, the promoting oneself may come easy, but the sustaining will be the downfall of all your dreams!

We aren't meant to do this life without God. We aren't meant to place ourselves in big dreams and try to make it without Him. Eventually the dreams will become burdens and we will find ourselves praying for the days when we were seeking Him and not the world.

So, for now, I'm content.

Content in the everyday rhythm of my life - with it's chores, kids, family, church and a few dreams tucked in my heart.

I know God will usher them to the surface when the time is right.

And, when that time comes, it will be the right time.

Which for me.....is the only time.

Until Next Time.......



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