• Debbie Slaughter

When God's Doing a New Thing

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

March has not been kind to me, my household or my budget.

Sometimes we have seasons like that.

Seasons of hardship.

Seasons of questions and wondering where in the world is our Savior?

It's not a matter of questioning God's abilities and not really his love, even.

It's more about knowing that God doesn't always show up when or how we want or hope He will.

That's not doubt......it's experience.

I don't question God's love. When he scooped me up from a world of lostness and set me in a safe place, I knew he loved me. Since then, there have been ten billion other ways that I've felt loved by God.

But, there are times when I question his process, his timing, his silence, and I wonder what he's trying to teach me or what I've done to warrant my current phase of hardship - if that's even what this qualifies as.

I search the scriptures and I read about all the great rescues and love and promises, but I wonder where the tangible actions are in my own life.....in the life of those I love.

Just as James tells us that "Faith without works is dead", I declare that promises without tangible action feels dead, as well.

If all we ever have are the written words of God's promises, but we never actually experience any tangible movement of his love, we are left with words and disappointment.

I dare say that real live action is what sets the One True God apart from all the little g gods (false gods). It's what has always qualified him as the real deal, verses the empty vessels of statues, idols, and man-made objects that have no life or love.

And yes, if all we are ever given is the action of Christ on the cross, that would be enough, but I don't believe that God intended to leave us there, with only the promise of Heaven.

I believe God wants to be active in our lives right here on Earth, as we live for him, serve him and testify to his goodness and the Gospel.

After all, testimony speaks louder than words and action does too.

Can we believe in God's word? Of course!

But, all throughout the Bible, God's word is full of action, and that's what I'm holding out for.

I know God's doing a new thing. I know he's got a plan. I'm trying to be patient and draw closer to him while he works.

Isn't that what children do?

They come in close, put their hand on the shoulder of their father and say......

"Whatcha doing dad?"

And he wells up with gratitude at the chance to show his kids what he's working on, because he knows his actions will produce the thing they've been waiting for, if only they will be patient.

The new season will come and the old will fade.

We just have to wait as God does a new thing.

Until Next Time.....



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